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Laxminarayan Technologies

23, New Palace Area, Kolhapur - 416003, Maharashtra State.

investment casting projects, machinery & chemicals

About Us

Laxminarayan Technologies is a leader in providing cutting edge manufacturing technologies to the Investment Casting Foundry Industry. Our activities include manufacturing World Class machinery, chemicals, refractories and setting up world class Investment Casting foundries on a turnkey basis. We have been developing new products for the Investment Casting foundry industry since 1986.

Our proven machines combine high quality engineering and cutting edge design features, ensuring high productivity and efficiency. The operating costs are very low due to the manufacturing process design, machines speed, versatility and low energy consumption, ease of maintenance with quality & reliability of our proven Chemicals, refractories & Consumables.

The company has experience & resources in executing IC foundry projects on Turn-key basis, providing machinery and chemicals anywhere in the world.

Product Range :

We design, build, erect and commission the following machines and consumables for an Investment Casting Foundry:

  • Hydraulic Wax Injection Machines to include Manual, Semi-auto and fully Automatic models from 6Tons capacity to 100Tons IGT injectors including wax melters, conditioners and extruders.
  • Hydraulic Ceramic Core Injection Machines including ceramic mixers furnaces and Ceramic core manufacturing Technology.
  • Complete range of Slurry mixers, dipping pots, Fluidised beds, Sand rainer’s for ceramic shell building.
  • A Modular Robotic shell building setup including Robot, hangers, Shell drying conveyors, Slurry mixer, dipping pots, sand rainers, Air conditioning, process controllers and related software as a complete package.
  • Steam Dewax Autoclaves in various sizes.
  • Ceramic Core Leaching Autoclaves in various sizes.
  • A range of ceramic Shell firing furnaces in Box, Pusher or Rotary designs in electric, gas or oil firing configurations.
  • Shell Knockout Machines and Hi-pressure water blasting machines.
  • Aqueous Colloidal Silica’s in various grades.
  • Fused silica in various grades.
  • Investment Casting Waxes in various grades.

Our projects, machinery and consumables are installed in various locations across India and several countries of the World. Every project setup by us are producing world class cast components in various steels and alloys and have expanded their capacities manifold. All our machines and consumables are of proven design and have an unmatched performance track record. We have wide experience in this field and have been continuously active in developing new products, machines and processes for this industry since 1986.

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